Air jordan 1 retro high og “bred toe” – real Vs fake

For air jordan sneakers, there are many classic shoes for fans, today i introduce the hot style recently – Air jordan 1 retro high og “bred toe”, but as the expensive price, it must have so many fake shoes from china.

So today, i buy the real bred toe air jordan 1 retro high og, and also buy the fake  jordan 1 retro high og shoes from china, compare the appearance, then you will know clear which is real.

which is real air jordan 1 bred toe
which is real air jordan 1 bred toe

1. From stitching, Spot which is real Air jordan 1 retro high og.

Real air jordan 1 Fake air jordan 1
1 Smooth Continuous sewing thread. Intermittent sewing thread.
2 Well-smooth sewing edge. Awful stitching edge.
3 Natural Smooth curve. Sharp curve.
which is real air jordan 1 bred toe
which is real air jordan 1 bred toe

so, you know, left is real air jordan 1.

2. Air jordan 1 retro high og laces.

if you find the air jordan 1 retro high og shoes accessory with red lace and white shoes, it must be fake shoes; as the real air jordan 1 retro high og bred toe accessory only with red laces.

air jordan 1 laces
air jordan 1 laces

3. Air jordan 1 retro high og leather and back heel curve.

Real air jordan 1 Fake air jordan 1
1 Concave curve waist from shoes heel Rearview. Overstaffed curve from shoes heel Rearview.
2 Leather cut edge smooth. Leather cut edge rough.
3 All leather with natural gloss. All leather is dinginess .
air jordan 1 back heel
air jordan 1 back heel

4. Diffrent Basketball winger mark with jordan 1 shoes.

Fake jordan 1 shoes: winger mark High frequency compression is vague and Shallow.

Real jordan 1 shoes: winger mark High frequency compression is clear and deep.

you can check the “R” and “D” letter, the fake shoes is loose and awful.

diffrent high pressure air jordan 1
diffrent high pressure air jordan 1

5. Diffrent pringting insole logo between real nike shoes and fake shoes.

As use diffrent print ink and insole material, the fake nike shoe insole mark logo is always so diffrent with real nike shoes.

The fake nike shoes always use cheap ink and print machine, so the printing letter always blur,  especially with little letter, such as “R” mark, always big and connect with the circle. pls check photo.

and same reason, the fake shoes letter connect area is always  small. such us letter “K” with “E”, you can see the real nike mark is so bigger than fake shoes, and the “A” logo, you can see fake shoes is unclear. the real is very clear.

and the print ink is so diffrent also , the ink of real nike shoes all import from dupont company, expensive and safe enough. so the print logo is gloss and The sticky is strong, if you use nail shaving it, it do not fall off. but with the fake shoes,use the low quality ink and print machine, the print mark is loose and vague, and when you use nail shaving it, the mark will easy fall off.

diffrent print insole
diffrent print insole


Now, do you know which Air jordan 1 retro high og “bred toe” is real , which is fake / copy jordan 1 retro high og. if you also can not know clear, you can take picture sent to me, i will help you spot it.

which is real jordan 1 shoes
which is real jordan 1 shoes







cheap nike air max 2017

Now , you can buy cheap nike air max 2017 shoes, so how much price is really cheap with air max 2017? do you know? Follow is nike air max 2017 from diffrent area:

cheap nike air max 2017
cheap nike air max 2017
Item From Price
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distributor walmart $150.40
wholesale jcpenney $79.99
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retailer footshop $116.00
b2c amazon $129.00
c2c ebay $119.99
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fake site fake website $45.99
china putian shoes $23.99

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Balenciaga Sneakers Womens – Triple S Shoes White Black Yellow

Balenciaga’s buzzing Triple S shoes are showing up in brand-new women’s-special seek the brand-new year.

The popular runner-style tennis shoes are set to drop in new spring ’18 looks, including one which features a spruced up upper with updated paneling.

The first look makes use of the Triple S version’s typical mesh and also nubuck paneling for an off-white-based upper with accents of soft pink, yellow, red and also a troubled black shade. Two-tone shoe laces and bold branding finish off the appearance, which is highlighted by its signature triple-stacked sole– thus the sneaker’s name. This style is currently noted as coming soon from sellers consisting of Matches Fashion for ₤ 595 (around $804).

The Balenicaga Triple S was one of autumn ’17’s greatest tales in sneakers and style, serving as the peak of the “father” footwear trend that is currently dominating the scene.

Brand: Balenciaga

Model: Triple-S

Color: white outsole, black midsole, white-yellow upper

Key Features: Ready broken-in with pre-distressing. Leather accents. Three (!) stacked soles.

Release Date: Spring/Summer 2018.

Price: 804USD(real); 90USD(putian). Based your need. Check follow photo compare.

balenciaga sneakers womens
balenciaga sneakers womens

If you need Putian, also can contact us.

Availability: Balenciaga

For Spring/Summer 2018, Balenciaga’s heated Triple S sneaker obtains a small remodeling, with the ultra-chunky tennis shoe furnished in a brand-new colorway.

Iconic detailing like the side as well as toe needlework continue to be undamaged and the clearly chunky tennis shoe’s top still boasts its typical mix of mesh and nubuck. The piled rubber soles include a rich range of unique, yet complementary, colors. Most notably, metallic silver panels have been included to the front of the shoe, boosting the toe box and front of the shoelaces with a mild sheen. Black as well as white laces and red “Triple S” branding on the tongue finish the active tennis shoe, adding a last degree of aesthetic complexity.

Take a closer take a look at the sold-out tennis shoes on MATCHESFASHION. Meanwhile, Balenciaga’s Demna Gvasalia lately sat down for a conversation with The Guardian, supplying some quotable statements like “I do not think elegance is relevant.”

Balenciaga sneakers Sale – Up to 90% off cheap price on sale

cheap balenciaga sneakers
cheap balenciaga sneakers

Actually, high-end brand names to establish factories in foreign nations has actually ended up being an open secret.

Triple S sneakers became Balenciaga made in Putian, but the price will drop or not, it is impossible. the cheap balenciaga sneakers only buy from putian fake shoe manufacturers, of course, these factory produce balenciaga shoes quality also ok, but price always about 30usd/pcs to 85usd/pcs based diffrent quality.

If the stock of 2017 street footwear, Balenciaga Triple S S thick shoes must be amongst the very best, yet lately the footwear followers discover footwear on the “Made in Italy” right into “Made in China”, this begs the question of shoes beginning, because Balenciaga did not clearly disclose or announced this adjustment.

According to the pattern of media records Highsnobiety, called Reddit netizens uploaded the information on social media sites platform Imgur, he and the brand client service division for verification, the official responded that the responsible Triple S S producers have relocated from Italy to Fujian, Putian Chinese, because it could create more lightweight Triple S S footwear, and prices is still 850 bucks. In the sale of shoes, Balenciaga official did not disclose Chinese shops making information to consumers, and also are still in use in the manufacture of products in Italy shooting films.

Balenciaga Triple S S footwear called “DAD Shoes”, as well as this type of shoes to the fad in the teeth of the storm, although this type of footwear is created by Raf Simons and also Raf Simons launched Ozweego, but did not established off the large waves in the public circle. In addition to retro fashion design, Triple S S is one more marketing factor is a mix of modern science as well as innovation as well as the leading textile developed by appearance.

Information disclosure, customers will be billed on the social media user.YouTube mynameis said in a video clip remark: “‘ Chinese manufacturing’ items will unavoidably result in temper, they ought to be the rate now”

Is that Triple S S will relocate due to the fact that customers are worried about the Chinese manufacturing and high quality wear and tear of the crucial issues of the manufacturing of origin of the storm, the problem of phony China out there is extra severe.

Putian is called the “China footwear”, mainly for high-end brand names Nike, Adidas, Under, Armour and also Anta and also other domestic as well as foreign OEM, shoes within the circle of the supposed “Putian items” refers to the developed in Putian explosion of high imitation goods. Currently, Putian footwear business have more than 4000, finished in 2016, the range of commercial result worth regarding 60000000000 yuan.

Accountable of Demna Gvasalia, a Balenciaga in addition to Gucci effectively reversed the brand picture in among the last two years, “the new code re encoding into the brand name mindset of the young people classy as well as womanly spirit and also custom-made behind-the-scenes is Gvasalia Balenciaga established a goal for himself in the.Balenciaga girl ended up being a tear in the shoulder line substantially the coats and trousers foot amazing woman.

In fact, luxury brand names set up manufacturing facilities has become a common knowledge in foreign nations. Inning accordance with Pyramid garment production setting: conventional artisan couture collection and other superb products by France and Italy have the ability of minimal manufacturing, and moderate quality apparel collection is subcontracted to big countries with economical labor handling factory manufacturing.

Louis Vuitton Somarest factory

The British Guardian press reporter had actually personally checked out Romania in Sylvania Louis Vuitton manufacturing facility, located the brand footwear are almost all made in this manufacturing facility, and also every set of rates in 500 to 1800 euros. Inning accordance with the guardian, the manufacturing facility is really a below the name of “Somarest” firm had by LV, nevertheless, this subsidiary little-known supervisors revealed that the factory has been in secrecy, they invested a lot of time to do not allow the name of “Somarest” shows up in the Google online search engine. The manufacturing facility building without outside the LV logo design, a “Somarest” only on the door.

The factory to transfer Chinese brand started in mid 1990s, the American natural leather brand Train determined to a tiny part of the manufacturing from the United States to China, the choice to allow Train attained two digit quarter development. By Train impulse, increasingly more high-end brands are eager to try, yet the brand name is in the leading shilly-shally transfer from before, even if it is moved to the China, executives due to worry of discount top quality, product image will certainly be damaged insurance claims that their items are manufactured by Italy and French craftsmens.