fake shoes from alibaba and aliexpress

This is strange times, when you offer alibaba, you must be know, when you tell fake shoes, you also must be know alibaba, as Listed Company, on one hand alibaba crack down the fake shoes, on a other hand Vigorously improve the ranking in Google,bing.you can search the “fake shoes”,”buy fakeshoes”…. so many fake shoes keywords all rank in google 1-10#, follow is photo with alibaba aliexpress ranking.

How do you think about it? haha, for my thinking , alibaba aliexpress crack down the fake shoes just fake thing, they are never really crack down the fake shoes, just show, just jack make joke.


1 minutes spot fake shoes websites

As the famous brand shoes more and more market, so many guys build the fake shoes websites to sale to sneakers fans. especialy nike shoes, adidas shoes, many china fake shoes company make the fake websites to sale yeezys, jordan, air max, here tell you how to spot fake shoes websites in 1 miutes.


  1. The fake shoes factory always use the low quality photo, when you check the shoes photo with watermark or unclear, it must be fake shoes websites.
  2. Find Fake shoes websites IP use IP checker tool, such as site24x7.com, when you find the IP, then open the bing.com, such as IP:, you can put the “IP:”, if you find many site in same IP, it must be fake shoes websites.
  3. Find contact message, if it only mail, it must be fake shoes websites.
  4. Low price must be fake shoes websites.
  5. Open about us, if company write is from putian china, and the sale shoes is nike, adidas, yeezys, jordan, air max, it must be fake shoes websites.
  6. If free shipping all wordmarket and with same price, it must be fake shoes websites.


For above items, you can easy to spot fake shoes websites in 1 minutes, i hope you can buy better shoes online.

putian shoes = fake shoes?

More and more people from world know the putian city through the fake shoes, as this reason , many people think putian shoes = fake shoes. is it correct or not? follow i tell you the putian shoes some details:


  1. From  1989, the first nike factory build in china, which city? it is putian, till now,  it also have 2 nike factory in putian city, they are also more than 10,000 people work in there, the factory name is lifeng and xiefeng.
  2. Why so many fake shoes in putian , especialy fake nike shoes, as about 30 years, nike factory in putian, they are so many technologer, engineer, workers go out, they build the fake nike shoes factory, so it can tell fake nike shoes from china all make by puttian , and same means cheap nike shoes from china also all from putian.
  3. but why putian shoes make customer  thinking is fake shoes, that is from one of china big B2B company ,the name is ali**ba, i think so many putian people is hate their boss Mr M*, why? as when this company start before , no customer will pay ads fee to them , so they ask their CEO go to putian to begging for putian people do the fake shoes in their B2b site. finally their B2B site get money , then tell putian shoes all with fake shoes, of course, their CEO in that time also Was dismissed

How do you think the topic putian shoes = fake shoes. and i will tell you with the putian shoes with the ali**ba connection in next topic.

wholesale cheap nike shoes from china

When we search the keyword with cheap nike shoes from china, it will find so many strange siteweb rank in 1-20th, and when open the site, it will find the nike shoes price is about 50-60usd/pcs, and wholesale nike shoes price will more cheap with 35-50usd/pcs.


And is it really the nike shoes so cheap from chinese now, the answer is no, as that is all with fake nike shoes from china, from putian city of china. as you know, the putian city is fake shoes city now, the fake nike shoes price is always from 10-25usd/pcs, and some more cheap, so how do you think the 35-50usd/pcs is cheap or not? why so cheap price, the most importand reason is material so diffrent with real nike shoes, include rubber, glue, leather…., it is all so diffrent, for this topic, you can learn it from my another topic with Why do fake nike adidas shoes and real nike adidas shoes smell different?   the material all use the cheap material , so the price is cheap, in fact, the fake shoes factory price is  more cheap, some only 5usd/pcs.


So when you buy cheap nike shoes from china, you need know, that is all with fake nike shoes, it is no real shoes. the only thing need is try to buy the real fake nike shoes, what is the real fake nike shoes, i will tell you in the next topic.



7 Easy Details examine Fake Christian Louboutin shoes Shopping Site

7 Easy Details examine Fake Christian Louboutin shoes Shopping Site.

It has actually never ever been easier to purchase shoes online. Unfortunately, it additionally has actually never ever been less complicated to create a fake internet site that markets shoes online. To help protect fellow shoe fans out there from these scammers, we created this overview on how to tell if the website you’re going shopping on is only out to rip you off. And you don’t also have to do a Whois search, a domain enrollment check, or anything technological– the adhering to 7 red flags should currently tip you off that an internet site is fake right initially glimpse.

1. The URL looks wrong or questionable.

You cannot expect a legit transaction to occur from a web site with a URL that reads “cheapdesignershoes,” “designershoeswholesale,” or “brand-name-shoes-outlet.” Nevertheless, some rip-off sites have actually obtained imaginative; in the picture listed below, you can see how they have actually functioned around the dubious URL issue by using various other apparently innocent-looking albeit non-shopping-related URLs. If you click on them, they redirect to an additional internet site, which is a clear indicator that a purchasing site is fake.

2. The site makes use of bad English.

If a buying web site makes you ask if you’re on an on the internet store or Engrish.com, then you need to most likely close the tab. No reputable e-commerce website would certainly publish misspellings as well as poor grammar. Legitimate websites would certainly put a lot more effort right into the product names, descriptions, as well as overall material.

Steer clear of from a website that instructs you to get your shoe dimension like this:

There’s a lot a lot more freedom for errors in the item feedback, yet be suspicious if a customer assesses “hot red spike heel platform shoes” when the actual product is a set of polka-dotted pumps.

3. The product images in the internet site are taken pictures.

If the images of the items a website is offering are not uniform, it’s a huge, blinking red indicator that they were just taken from various other sites Legitimate web sites use their very own pictures taken by their very own photographers. Fake internet sites, on the other hand, simply take photos off the net.

Below are 2 examples of pictures that were certainly raised from other websites. We’ve been buyers at Neiman Marcus for a very long time, so we know that the shoe images on the left are theirs. In the picture on the right, you can even still see the celeb chopped from the original photo.

Fraud websites likewise generally provide a number of the exact same items utilizing the same photos.

4. They don’t accept credit cards.

It’s extremely simple to duplicate and also paste bank card images on an internet site, however on fake ones, they are just there for show. Scammers do not like charge card payments due to the fact that credit card business can provide the customer his/her money back if a dispute is filed. Look out for a website that approves Western Union as well as Moneygram. Through those anonymous straight money settlement services, fraudsters could run away with your money scot-free.

5. The offers are also excellent to be real.

Minimal version, out-of-production Christian Louboutins for $205? Obtain outta right here! No, seriously, leave the site. The shoes sent out to you will probably be pirated or fake, that is, if they are even sent out to you in any way. The old adage prevails: if it appears too good to be true, it probably is.

6. The contact email addresses are cost-free ones.

You don’t even have to get in touch with a website that uses a free Hotmail e-mail account to recognize that it’s fake. If they supply a telephone number, call during service hours to inspect if any individual responses. If they offer a street address, look it up on Google Maps to see if a service at that area really exists. Be wary if a web site only has a call kind and provides no get in touch with details whatsoever.

7. The site’s payment or checkout web page does not begin with “https.”.

Any kind of kind of payment, check out, or purchasing cart page should have a URL that begins with “https.” If an internet site asks you to submit a type as well as the URL for that page just starts with “http,” don’t enter anything as well as leave that page right away. On those unsecure pages, anyone could hack your info, and you could stand to lose a lot more than simply your hard-earned cash money.